Ken Tool 35442 Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set for 22.5" & 24.5" Tires

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The Ken Tool 35442 Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set is a complete set of tools for servicing 22.5" & 24.5" truck tires. The central feature of the kit is the Ken Tool 35440 Truck Tire Demount Tool, which will allow you to quickly demount almost any 22.5" and 24.5" tubeless truck tire, up to a 13" wheel width. Its comfortable & ergonomic shaped steel handle has a no-slip grip to increase your leverage and reduce back injuries.

The solid steel cobra head is press-fit into the steel handle. No fasteners are used, which means no fasteners to loosen or fall out. This tool was designed to allow demounting of the tire without lifting the entire wheel and tire off the ground, another way to avoid back injuries.

Also featured is an aluminum bead support to grab the top bead of Super Single and Super Wide tires. 

Special Bonus! Ken-Tool's patented leather wheel protector No. 31810 is included to help protect expensive alloy wheels!

Also Included In This kit:

  • Ken Tool T45AC Classic 37" Tubeless Tire Iron
  • 30” Double-End Tire Spoon
  • 8 lb. Bucket Euro Paste Lube; Dries Tacky With Rust Preventative
  • Euro-Style Lube Applicator Brush
  • Two Aluminum C-Lok™ Bead Holders


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