Devilbiss 703567 TEKNA® ProLite Spray Gun Without Cup

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Optimized performance in climates varying from hot and humid to clean and dry
  • Excellent for solvent-based coatings and a must for waterborne
  • Fully protected outside and inside for high corrosion resistance — gun coating has non-stick properties
  • High transfer efficiency for material savings
  • Waterborne compatible when using a plastic or disposable cup system. 
  • Fluid tips 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 mm, disposable cup connector and TE10, TE20 air caps for base/clear coats, low and high solids
  • HAV-555 air adjusting valve with digital gauge
  • Gun wrench
  • Color identification rings
  • Additional fluid tips
  • QuickClean™ coating