2-Pack Ken Tool 34649 52" Super-Duty Tubeless Truck Tire Iron

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SKU KN34649

Combines the 52-inch length of Ken-Tool’s popular T47A with the 7/8” stock size of the T45HD tire tools, while using the industry recognized bead- and user-friendly rounded ends found on the T45A.

  • 52” length provides up to 40% greater leverage than the T45A, T45AC or T45HD
  • Lighter weight -- weighs 20% less than the T47A tools
  • Precision forged ends, heat treated throughout for a tough, slip-free grip on the rim and bead
  • Like other tools in the T45 family, the angled tip easily slips between bea1SourceToold and rim and helps to prevent cutting or ripping the bead or sidewall.
  • The mount end’s unique, trademarked curve design always grabs the bead edge
  • 7/8” shaft for strength and durability
  • Value priced
  • Made in USA


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