Assenmacher Specialty VW20T VW/Audi 2.0L Turbo (CAEB) Timing Set

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Applicable to 2008 and Newer VW/Audi models with the 2.0L Turbo (CAEB) engine.
Kit contains the following tools:
  • T 10355: Used for counter-holding the vibration damper when loosening or tightening the center bolt of the Crankshaft.
  • T 10368: Used when removing and installing Lower Timing Chain Cover.
  • T 40196: Used for sliding pieces on Camshaft on 2.0L 4V Turbo engines.
  • T 40267: Locking Clips for Chain Tensioner.
  • T 40271: Used to lock Camshaft Sprockets in TDC position when installing Timing Chain.
  • VW 10352 : Used for removal and installation of the 4/3 way central valve for camshaft adjustment. Comparable to factory tool numbers T10352 and T10352/1.