Astro Pneumatic 45027 27-Piece Scraper Set

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SKU AO45027

This set includes 7 different types and sizes of razor and non-marring scrapers for nearly all light to heavy-duty applications. The plastic scrapers and blades included in this set are perfect for removing thick sealant, paint over-spray and other difficult materials without damaging painted surfaces. This unit allows you to easily remove gasket material and adhesives from engine components.

Set includes:

  • 1. Extended scraper
  • 1 Retracting razor scraper
  • 1 All purpose scraper
  • 2 Mini scrapers
  • 2 Plastic scrapers - 3/4" & 7/8"
  • 10 Steel-backed high carbon steel blades
  • 10 Single edge plastic razor blades