Autel MaxiTPMS PAD TPMS Programming Device

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MaxiTPMS PAD, the TPMS Sensor Programming Accessory Device, is a simple tool which makes MX-sensor programming much faster and easier in 3 simple steps:

1. Load the software on the PC.
2. Connect the PAD to the PC.
3. Program MX-Sensor.

This new programming tool is the best partner for busy shops, as it frees up your TPMS activation tools, and is extreme easy-to-use and fast!


  • Easy-to-use PC software
  • Self contained PC operation
  • Make/model/year selection allows for correct sensor replacement
  • Direct reading from sensor for quick programming
  • No need for vehicle relearns
  • Ideal for mechanically broken sensors
  • Can automatically create ID numbers compatible with the vehicle
  • Runs from PC USB power, no batteries required