Chicago Pneumatic Tool 7748TL 1/2" Drive Air Torque Limited Impact Wrench

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The CP7748TL series is intended to be used as a “snugging” tool prior to final tightening with a calibrated torque wrench to reach the car manufacturer’s specified torque rating for wheel assembly. 

Torque results vary greatly depending on the type of wheel, air pressure, run time and many other factors.

  • 1/2" composite impact wrench with friction ring socket retainer
  • 2 setting positions : one in Reverse and one Torque Limited in forward
  • 60/70 ft. lbs. - 90/100 Nm in torque limited position in forward
  • 920 ft.lbs - 1,250Nm of maximum torque in reverse
  • Aluminum clutch & rear housings
  • Thermo-plastic rubber injected in housing - Resistant to most chemicals used in workshops
  • Universal & durable twin hammer mechanism
  • Full teasing trigger
  • 360° swivel air inlet