Gearwrench 83135 500 Lumen 12.5" Ultra-Thin Flex Work Light

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SKU KD83135
Ultra-Thin Flex-Head allows the light to be positioned in tight spaces to illuminate the work area from angles that are impossible to access with larger work lights.
  • The Flex-Head nests flush against the body, folding down to 6.5” which means the light can easily be put in a pocket, it is more portable and overall a more compact light solution.
  • The Flex-Head allows the light to be directed more accurately than “fixed beam” style work lights.
  • The hang hook and magnetic base add options for how to position the light.
  • SMD LED Top Light w/ 30 Lumens
  • Magnet in Base for Easy Positioning
  • Magnet in Base for Easy Positioning
  • Ultra-Thin Flex-Head (0.8” wide x 0.28” thick) Allows to Direct Light into Hard to Reach Places
  • COB LED w/ 500 Lumens High, 250 Lumens Low settings
  • Flex-Head Folds Against the Body for Storage/Better Portability
  • Constant Current Feature: Delivers the Rated Lumens Until the Battery Runs Out. Doesn’t Dim Over Time During Use
  • Low Battery Warning: COB LED Flashes When 5 Minutes of Power is Remaining
  • Memory Function: 5 Seconds After Turning on the Setting Will Be Saved. Next Time the Light is Turned On It Will Be At the Last Setting
  • Power Switch: Press Switch to Scroll Through Different Lighting Settings
  • Flat on Base So Light Sits Up Straight