Mastercool 43301 27-Piece Master Radiator Pressure Tester Kit

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SKU ML43301
Identifying radiator leaks is fairly simple with the right kit. The MasterCool 43301 radiator pressure tester kit is a full service kit which will allow you to accurately and easily test radiator pressure over a wide range of domestic and foreign vehicles.
Here's how it woks:
1) Remove the radiator cap (taking note of the recommended pressure printed on the cap)
2) Install the appropriate adapter cap.
3) Pump up the pressure to the recommended pressure point.
4) Wait a few minutes to see if the pressure drops.
Kit Features: 
  • Detects and exposes external system leaks
  • Detects internal engine leaks due to blown gaskets or cracked block
  • Vacuum type cooling system
  • Purge and refill for quick change of coolant
  • Test Range: 0 – 35 psi
  • Includes 1 blue radiator cap test connector R123/R125
  • Includes 1 black radiator cap test connector R123/R124
  • Includes 1 thermometer, 1 universal radiator cap, 1 vacuum purge and refill tool, coolant hose and additional installation accessories
  • Includes hand pump and 19 adapters to fit most popular domestic and import car and trucks