Maverick Industries U216 Universal Anti Blow Back Safety Coupler

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No more need to switch hoses or couplers to use an air tool with a different plug.
This exhaust type universal safety coupler is designed to stop the release of air pressure prior to disconnection. It allows for coupling and uncoupling at zero pressure which greatly reduces the force required to couple and uncouple the connection
  • A built in sleeve lock mechanically locks the locking sleeve to prevent accidental disconnects.
  • Proven six ball locking mechanism evenly distributes load to resist wear and provide positive connections. The ball lock mechanism also provides accurate alignment and allows a swiveling action to reduce hose torque.
  • Knurling and grooves on the sleeves provide a gripping surface for ease of operation.
  • Fits most male plugs including - Aro, Tru-Flate, Industrial, Lincoln, and many Milton styles.
  • Fits most 1/4" male plugs, sold individually