Schumacher Electric DSR118 Super Duty Bench Charger and Engine Starter

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  • 125A Engine Start - powerful enough for SUVs, trucks and large engines
  • 15<>40A Boost Mode – ramps up the voltage and sends a quick burst of energy into the battery quickly bring deeply discharged batteries back to life.
  • 15<>40A Service Mode – maintains a stable voltage at 13.6V and prevents discharged batteries during service or sitting idle in a showroom.
  • 6A<>2A - Charge keeps stored, lead-acid batteries charged; charges and maintains small batteries
  • Fully Automatic - prevents overcharging by monitoring and switching to maintenance mode when fully charged
  • LED Indicators & Touch pad Controls - for ease and accuracy
  • Built-in Cord Management - unique recessed channel keeps power cord and cables neatly wrapped for storage
  • High-impact Molded Case - rustproof and non-conductive
  • Battery Tester - provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems
  • Scrolling Digital Display - The easy-to-read, animated display gives you step by step instructions to properly charge your battery.
  • 125A Clamps with copper cable - for top and side-mount battery posts
  • Auto Voltage Detection - automatically detects 6V or 12V batteries
  • Reverse Hook-up Protection - charger does not operate if clamps are reversed on the battery. LED will light