Sp Tools 11400 Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Diesel Injector Socket

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With the advent of high pressure injection, the need to replace and correctly torque the injector lines has become more critical.

This unique 17 mm 12 point flare nut socket and deep crows foot gives the technician the ability to remove various injector lines.

With the unique geometry of these tool the injectors can be removed without breaking and damaging the electrical connections.

The crows foot can be spun by hand under the bent lines.

The long socket has the clearance required and linear shape to properly torque the fuel lines.

  • 17 mm 12 point for easy install at any angle
  • Depth stop keeps socket at proper height
  • Thick mass to reduce flex and flare nut damage
  • Nose geometry designed to reduce likely damage to the electrical connection
  • Crows foot designed to spin under the bent lines for quick operation
  • Linear socket designed with enough clearance to torque the fittings without complex mathematical equations when using torque adapters