SP Tools 88750B Super Duty 12 & 6 Point Oxygen Sensor Wrench

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Completely updated with the new SP Spline Grip Drive.

This upgrade can reduce the possibility of damaging “frozen-in-place” oxygen sensors.

With standard oxygen sensor wrenches, the oxygen sensor hex can be “rounded off” making removal of the oxygen sensor a more difficult and a time consuming job.

With the SP Spline Grip Drive there is less potential to damaging the oxygen sensor.

  • Includes a 12 point and 6 point SP Spline Grip Drive giving the technician the ultimate tool to remove oxygen sensors in confined areas.
  • The 12 point SP Spline Grip Drive enables the technician twice the number of “clock angle” attachment positions versus all oxygen sensors available on the market. This gives the technician the maximum accessibility to remove oxygen sensors in difficult areas.
  • Fits with all 22 mm configurations of non-shielded oxygen sensor wire/connectors.