Astro Pneumatic DS1000 Pneumatic Door Skinning Tool

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Astro Pneumatic's DS1000 features a forged and hardened steel crimping head  specially designed to roll the steel flanges over with a minimum of physical effort, and leaves the flange smooth without unsightly ripples.
  • Design allows tool to maneuver around inner and outer curves as well as most body design features.
  • Close tolerance design and manufacturing, results in a tool that is incredibly smooth, quiet, and easy to use. BENEFITS TO TECHNICIANS:
  • Drastic reduction in the time required to install a door skin. As much as an hour or more can be expected improving your bottom line in a commission or rate environment.
  • One handed operation to allow for free hand to manipulate the work piece.
  • Variable flange thickness adjustment allows for accurate dispersement of panel adhesive in the crimped area resulting in a smooth glue bead.
  • Drastic improvement in the quality of the finished product. The finished crimp typically is indistinguishable from a factory crimp.