Calvan 39300 Ford Triton 3-Valve Insert Installer Kit

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The 3 valve Ford Triton Insert Kit is designed to aid in the repair of a common problem in the Ford Triton family of motors. More specifically, 3-valve 5.4 L and 6.8 L engines built before 10/9/07 and 3-valve 4.6 L engines built before 11/30/07 found in many 2004–2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.

In the above models a common problem is the spark plug tends to break off in the cylinder head during maintenance. If this problem is not repaired properly, it can result in damaged or unusable spark plug threads and in extreme cases the possibility of a spark plug blow out.

  • This kit will allow the user, with simple step by step instructions, to repair those damaged threads or blowouts in 30 minutes or less per cylinder.