Calvan 74 Amp Hound Voltage Drain Tester

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An All New Way to Measure Amps
  • No need to remove a fuse which reduces the amount of time to determine the current in the circuit.
  • Finding parasitic drains can now be done without removing a fuse or resetting the offending circuit.
  • No more – pull a fuse, check the meter, pull a fuse, check the meter…Instead, check the complete fuse box quickly.
  • Intelligent Audible tones & digital displays
    Active circuit unit beeps 3 times & displays amp value.
    Inactive circuit beeps continuously and displays (000)
    Open or blown fuse will not beep & displays (- - -)
  • CONVENIENT – Touch the probes to the top of the Fuse.
  • VERSITILE – Tests all of the most common automotive fuses types and amp ranges.
  • AUDIBLE – Tones lets you know when you are touching a fuse – no guesswork.
  • Makes working on under-the-dash fuse boxes simpler. Note: Will not short a circuit while the fuse is removed