Electronic Specialties 183 Essentials of Electrical Power Generation

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This is Dan Sullivan's second book, which covers everything you need to know regarding Electric Power Generation......from RV generators to large Gensets.
  • Dan lends his expert advise and help on all aspects of power generation.
  • 125 pages - full 8.5 x 11 inch page size - of everything you need to know about Electric Power Generation.
  • Gensets, 3 Phase, Fequency, RPM, Flashing the Field, Governor Basics
  • Safety Basics, Arc Flash, Cable Routing & Conduit
  • Loadbanking, Why?, What?, Cable Connections, Testing and Procedures
  • Power Factor explained, Basic Concepts, Data Plate vs. Load, RV Gensets, Real Power vs. Apparent Power
  • Cable sizing, Prime Power vs. Standy Power, Transfer Switches and