FJC 2408 8 Oz. Estercool Oil

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Estercool oil can be used in both R134a and R12 mobile A/C systems and can be used in systems which are retrofitted from R12 to R134a. It can be mixed with any other oil used in these systems.

  • Highly advanced R134a and R12 oil for superior protection and lubrication
  • Compatible with Mineral, Ester, Paraffin and PAG oil
  • All natural
  • One Oil for all applications
  • Can be added to any existing R12 or R134a mobile A/C system with Mineral, PAG, Paraffin or Ester Oil
  • Use to replace PAG, Mineral or Paraffin Oil
  • Protects AC systems from corrosion by preventing acid formation
  • Made in USA