Innovative Products of America 8051 Air Combination 24" Blow Gun

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SKU IP8051
The Air Comb™ Filter Cleaner thoroughly cleans air filters, condensers and radiators from the inside out.
  • Focuses high-pressure and high-volume output shop air at a 90-degree multi-port to access the hardest-to-reach areas.
  • Great for tube and cylindrical type air filters as well as radiators and AC condensers.
  • Clean Air Filters with Ease!
  • Special Nozzle Engineered to Remove Dust & Debris Slogan
  • Thoroughly Cleans Condensers and Radiators from the Inside Out!
  • Great for & Cylindrical Type Air Filters
  • Clean Radiators & AC Condensers
  • Focused High-Pressure Multi-Port Output
  • Long Reach 90º Air Flow
  • Access Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Extend Filter Life
  • Available in Four Sizes Applications