Innovative Products of America 8090B Brass Diesel Injector Brush Master Cleaning Kit

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17-Piece kit includes Helix Brushes, Two-Stage Brushes, Bore Brushes and SWAB-EEZ®
  • Specially designed to clean diesel injector-seats and bores on most light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel motors
  • For most diesel applications
  • Brushes are specially engineered to fit injector seats
  • Removes rust, carbon and other debris from seats and cups without damage
  • Driver handle features a spring-loaded, quick-lock coupler
  • New Helix-Style Brushes, Two-Stage Brushes and Bore Brushes
  • 3", 4" and 6" brushes
  • Intended for hand use - Do NOT exceed 600 RPM - Clockwise rotation only
  • SWAB-EEZ® for cleaning and polishing injector bores and cups