Irwin 3018011 29 Piece Titanium Turbomax Speedbor Drill Bit Set

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SKU HA3018011
  • Turbomax Titanium Nitride Speedbor Drill Bits were made to out perform all others in the repetitive metal drilling category
  • The Titanium Nitride coating extends the life of the bit, lasting up to ten times longer than standard high speed steel drill bits
  • The tin coating acts as a lubricating feature that reduces friction during metal drilling
  • 140 Degree split point tip for less walking and quicker starts
  • Cutting edge stays sharper longer and tin coating reduces friction
  • Applications - portable or stationary drills and presses
  • Rugged metal index case with rubber over mold and removable cartridges
  • Bit sizes 1/16”-1/2” by 64ths with 3/8" reduced shank, on sizes 3/8” and up