Lisle 22710 Disconnect Set for Jiffy Tite

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  • Disengages the Line from Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Fittings Without Removal of the Clip.
  • Handy spring-action of the stainless steel tool keeps the tool on the line and makes the tool easier to use.
  • Teeth of the tool fit perfectly into tight tolerance of Jiffy-tite connectors and when rotated allow the line to be pulled without damage to the connector or retaining clip so they can be reused.
  • Tools fit the most popular Jiffy-tite fittings found on oil cooler lines used on transmissions and radiators and on other applications.


  • 22720 3/8" Jiffy-tite Disconnect,
  • 22730 1/2” Jiffy-tite Disconnect
  • 22740 5/8" 39% Jiffy-tite Disconnect
  • 22750 5/8" 30% Jiffy-tite Disconnect