Lisle 25000 Rear Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set

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SKU LS25000
For Rotating the Brake Piston Back Into the Caliper to Provide Clearance for New Pads.
  • New Second Side on Adapter 2B 1-5/8" Has Narrow Pins to Fit Mazda 3 Applications.
  • Includes 5 adapters (available individually) for use in both 2 and 4-wheel disc brake assemblies of most domestic and import cars. Tool may be used "on" or "off" the car.
  • A real time saver that makes this tough job easy. Helps prevent damage to the piston and boot.
  • NOTE: Some pistons turn clockwise while others turn counter-clockwise; consult your shop manual for the car you are servicing. For the counter-clockwise rotation the 1" Hex Nut must be turned at a faster rate of rotation in order to keep the adapter engaged with the piston.