Lisle 82650 Multimeter Accessory Kit

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SKU LS82650
Interchangeable probes for a wide range of testing possibilities.
  • Compatible with most multimeters and scopes with standard 4mm connectors.
  • Kit includes 43" long 4mm banana test leads with straight and 90° connections, test probes, long back probes, safety test probes, crocodile clips, female-to-female adapters, male-to-female adapters, small alligator clip with male banana and split ring adapters. Includes roll-up storage pouch to keep leads and adapters organized.
  • Standard 4mm Banana Test Leads allow hands-free testing with test probes, back probes, alligator clips, etc. Included end caps keep test leads clean, ensuring good contact. Straight and 90° connectors add versatility.
  • Test Probes with 2mm pointed tip plug into Banana Test Leads to eliminate the need to change leads.
  • Long Back Probes allow testing on deeper connectors than standard probes.
  • Insulated Crocodile Clips for secure clamping.
  • Safety Test Probes securely clamp to wires while piercing the insulation with a very small hole that self heals.
  • Female-to-Female Banana adapter allows two leads to be connected for longer reach.
  • Male-to-Female Banana adapter converts gender.
  • Slotted Ring can be slipped under a bolt or nut for a secure ground connection.
  • Male Banana Alligator Clip clamps on in tight spots.