Lock Technology 855A Texas Twister Air Hammer Pulling Kit in Case

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Typically we think of air hammers as pushing and striking tools. The Texas Twister from Lock Technology is an innovative tool set which will allow your air hammer to serve as a pulling tool as well to help you get the most out of your air hammer.
The Texas Twister can safely transform your air hammer into a slide hammer  with one-handed operation. Axle removal, axle seal removal, and engine pulley removal are examples of tasks that can easily be handled by the Texas Twister 855A. What's more, this kit also contains an adapter to allow you to attach your favorite gear pullers and axle pullers to the air hammer.
  • Easy to use - Simply snap the Texas Twister's curved air bit into the collet of your air hammer with one of the bits attached and change your grip on the air hammer to use your thumb to push the hammer trigger.
  • Single-hand hand operation allows you to hold parts with your free hand.
  • Enjoy safe and secure part removal - Avoid having parts and fluids crashing to the floor.
  • Much more efficient than a slide hammer.
  • Extend the reach of the tool by using the 20” extension.
  • Use the double ended female ½-20 connector bar to connect the Texas Twister to your current pullers.
  • Use the double ended male ½-20 to 5/8”-18 connector bar to connect the Texas Twister to your 5/8” slide hammer bits and 5/8” pullers

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