Milton S-305VKIT 5 Piece Hi-Flo V-Style 1/4" NPT Purple ColorFit-Mega-Flow Kit

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MILTON 5 Piece Mega-Flow V style ColorFit provides 25% more air-flow and power, unlike Legacy- X-Flo – ColorConnex.

Stop starving your tools of the air they need to perform. More torque, greater speed are just some of the benefits possible with proper airflow. Set is customized with a color code system that allows for easy matching of couplers and plugs among the standard Industrial pneumatic air coupler quick connects.

It's a great way to solve that annoying problem of potential crossing contaminating different air lines. By dedicating certain colors to different air lines, this will eliminate the risk of mixing a lubricated line with a dry air line which will help prolong your applications and quickly finishing any project.

Each piece is coated with Anodized Purple aluminum and heavy duty steel sleeves to prevent scratches or dulling of the coupler and plug after uses