Mityvac MV6835 Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit

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The Mityvac Mv6835 is a combination kit designed for bleeding hydraulic brake and clutch systems. This kit contains both the popular MV6830 vacuum brake bleeder and the MVA6832 Clamp-on Auto-refill Kit.

The refill kit will make sure that your master cylinder doesn't run dry of new fluid, while the bleeder is capable of removing 2 Quarts of fluid per minute. This combination kit is the key to an efficient and easy bleeding process.

  • Compressed air operation
  • Integrated 1.9 quart (1.8 liter) capacity fluid collection reservoir
  • Variable control thumb throttle
  • Swivel air inlet with quick disconnect
  • Automatically maintains fluid level in master cylinder
  • Two refill kit styles ensure a fit to all makes and models of vehicles
  • Brake bleeder
  • 6' (1.8 m) long bleed hose assembly
  • 4' (1.2 m) long fluid evacuation hose
  • Molded base with screws for bench mounting
  • Hanging hook
  • 3 Universal bleed screw adapters
  • Clamp-on style auto-refill kit (MVA6832)
  • User Manual (English/French/Spanish/German)