Phoenix Systems V12-205 Reverse Fluid Injection Brake & Clutch Bleeder 2003-B

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SKU PHV12-205
The V-12 Injector performs RFI™ (reverse flush), vacuum/pressure bleeding, and master cylinder bench bleeding.
  • Develops 125 psi with comfortable hand force.
  • The handle and body are made of high strength Zytel (glass reinforced nylon) which imparts metal like strength while retaining light weight comfort.
  • Includes: o V-12 injector,
  • Smart-Pak (reservoir bottle, hoses, bleeding adapters, brake fluid bottle adapters, tee fittings, plugs),
  • Molded carrying case.


When the injector handle is depressed fluid is injected out the nozzle. When the handle is released, the injector automatically refills the barrel from a remote fluid source.