SOLAR Pro-Logix PL2320 6/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer - 20 Amp

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Combining fully automatic operation and the ability to properly charge multiple battery types – one charger does it all, from fast charging and battery repair to battery maintenance and long term storage charging.

  • Will charge virtually any lead acid battery type, Flooded, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries
  • 6 and 12 Volt battery charging
  • 20/10/2A charge rates
  • 20A fast charge rate is ideal for charging large batteries
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Advanced multi-phase charging process
  • Properly charges all battery types
  • Soft Start Mode for severely depleted batteries
  • Recondition Mode rejuvenates distressed batteries
  • Enhanced maintenance mode for ideal long term storage
  • Temperature compensation for more effective charging
  • Reverse Polarity Protection and Battery Fault Detection
  • Data rich display provides detailed feedback during charging