S&G Tool Aid 89360 5-Piece Body Forming Punch Set

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SKU TA89360
These punches fit where your hammer will not. They can be used to form body panels in hard to reach areas and are great for tight clearance spots, crevices and corners.
  • Polished and hardend surfaces to form sheet metal with precision
  • 5 profiles to fit the job
  • The most popular needed profiles and shapes 
  • Use to form curves, contours and radiuses
  • Reaches far into panels and structural members to form sheet metal
  • 12" Overall length
  • For use on:
    • Door panels
    • High crown panels
    • Interior parts of body panels
    • Fenders
    • Rear quarter panels
    • Trunk lids
    • Frames
  • 89361, Round Body Forming Punch
  • 89362, Square Body Forming Punch
  • 89363, Bumping Body Forming Punch
  • 89364, Offset Bumping Body Forming Punch
  • 89365, Radial Chisel Body Forming Punch