Tool Aid 99350 Air Blow Gun Kit

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Tool Aid's Air Blow Gun Kit is perfect for general air blowing applications as well as air drying of automotive parts and unclogging tubing & pipes.. 
  • Accessories easily snap into place on nozzle tube
  • Lever action, variable flow pistol grip blow gun
  • Includes special nozzle to provide a high volume of air flow
  • Lightweight
  • 1/4" NPT female inlet on pistol grip handle
  • Supplied in a durable, plastic molded storage case Includes:Eagle Tools
  • 4" angled nozzle blow gun with hang up slot
  • Small rubber tapered nozzle - 15mm diameter
  • Medium rubber tapered nozzle - 24mm diameter
  • Large rubber tapered nozzle - 35mm diameter
  • High volume venturi nozzle
  • OSHA compliant safety nozzle
  • Clear, plastic shield